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At Feed Right Pet Food, Inc. we combine 17 years of training, education, and experience to help you provide your pets with complete and balanced nutrition.

The Raw Truth

A raw food diet prioritizes natural ingredients with a balance of vitamins & minerals which closely resembles the diet your dog’s ancestors would have eaten. Raw dog food doesn’t lose the enzymes or vitamins through cooking, so the ingredients retain their nutritional benefits.


dry food in a bowlraw food in a bowl

Raw Food


dry food in a bowl

Raw Food

raw food in a bowl

Healthy Has Never Tasted so Good!

Using the highest quality natural supplements and safe, wholesome foods, we work to ensure that your dogs and cats will have a healthy and happy life. Our exclusive selection of both food and treats includes the finest quality raw frozen food for your pets which are breed-appropriate and filler-free.

raw meat in a bowl

A healthy dog is a happy dog!

Shop our fantastic selection of all natural supplements and healthy treats!

2 cats

Spoil your cat with healthy food options!

Learn more about the best options for felines.

About Us

At Feed Right Pet Food, Inc. we are not veterinarians.

Feed Right Pet Food, Inc. does not claim to diagnose, prescribe, nor treat your pet by using our natural herbal products, pet food, or any other nutritional supplements that we offer for retail sale.

The information we are presenting is not meant to replace a veterinarian’s advice, but only to suggest additional options to explore.

We advise every customer that if they have concerns about a pet’s health, to consult an integrative/holistic veterinarian.

If you do not already work with an integrative/holistic veterinarian in your area, we suggest you visit the American Holistic Veterinarian Association at www.ahvma.org

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